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Triumph Bonneville

Larry Biagi and his 1969 Triumph Bonneville

1969 Triumph with Larry standing just out of view. 

Norton Commando

Fastback MkIV

This is an 850 Commando MkIV customized to look like a fastback.

Notice the brake and shifter are standard for the 750 and early 850 Commandos

Trick oil cooler mounted to frame.

Atlas1.jpg (41814 bytes)

1964 Norton Atlas (note John Tickle Racing brake hub).

Atlas2.jpg (27288 bytes)

G3L.jpg (39854 bytes)

Former Dutch army Matchless G3L.

G3L1.jpg (59332 bytes)

G3L2.jpg (41312 bytes)

Mk4.jpg (43465 bytes)

Norton MkIV with Racer1 tank and seat.

Mk41.jpg (60317 bytes)

Beware of the Guard Cat.

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