This is page dedicated to the people that make the CCS races possible.
We can't thank them enough.

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Henry DeGeow (on his R1 pitbike), to whom we owe all of our fun. THANKS HENRY!

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Henry and a former CCS Trackside Announcer.

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The guys at Tech Inspection, Roland, Gary and Bill. A vital part of the racing experience.

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Some of the corner workers, helping a down rider. What would we do without them?
If you've ever gone down on the track; you know how important these guys are.

PitOut2.jpg (41187 bytes)

Our buddy at "Pit Out, Bill. Watch out for this guy." A real ACME Speed Sauce fan.

Tickets.jpg (45197 bytes)

The charming ladies that work the ticket booth, Stacy and Karin. A thankless job, we couldn't do without. They miss the fun; so we can race.

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